Saturday, March 17, 2012

And I. Just. DID!!!!!!

Remember my last post?


Well, to encourage you all to "Just do it!", I want to pronounce that I just DID it!

So, there you go!

Hit that enter button! NOW!!!!

Nina out! xD

Just Do It!!!!

You must be thinking "Now, where have I heard that title before? Oh yeah, it's Nike's logo sign!". Well, yes, you're right! But that's not why I posted this though :P

Well, like in my last post, I already told you that I won't promise that I won't write another sappy, mushy, touchy-feely post.

And this here is another sappy, mushy, touchy-feely post.

But then again, it's me, guys! Have I ever told you anything sappy, mushy, and touchy-feely without any twist???



So, here you go. Another sappy, mushy, touchy-feely post with a twist!

As you can see though in the title. "Just do it!". I mean, like really, for God sake, just do it!

You must know about the guy I talked about in my last post. Well, it's partly because of him (again). But, mainly because I want you all to not regret a second of your life!

What? What did you just thought? You've heard it so many times that you've grown tired of it?

Well, of course you do! I've heard it a gazillion times too! But have you ever really walk the talk? Have you ever really try not to procrastinate anything? Mainly something that involves around your feelings?

I understand about homework though. In that case, procrastinators, UNITE!


But, really .___.

Hey, have you ever really fallen in love with someone? When you see him/her in your chat directory (msn, ym, fb, anywhere!) and they're online, how many of you begin to greet them right away?

Uh-huh, I know the answer.

If you're a girl, you probably just look at that green icon that indicates that that person is online and available to be chatted to. Or maybe you have opened a chat box, you have typed in "hi *insert crush's name here* =)", but you didn't click that enter button. Instead you just stared at it. Or maybe, your right hand already touched the enter button, but it wouldn't click it, then your left hand would also try to push your right hand to click the enter button.

Well, if you're a boy, I'll bet most of you have the confidence to give in to those you love. But don't mistaken me, I said MOST! This applies to what I said at the lats paragraph, PROBABLY!

I'm not shy to admit though, that I am one of the people who couldn't press that enter button. I just looked at the chat box. Really, just looked at it. While my inner thoughts kept encouraging me by saying "Come on Nina! Just do it! He won't be here forever! This is Saturday night! For God sake, just do it!".

And, my inner thought was right.

"Just do it!"

Honestly, it will make you feel better. And honestly, I haven't felt that (since I was about to click the enter button then he seems to be afk) -____-

While you!

Yes, YOU!

Don't be like me!

"But, Nina! What if he doesn't reply? What if he thinks I'm a freak for greeting him first? What if...?"

Do you want to play this "what if" game forever? You won't know what will happen until you try, right?

Reach out to them! GREET them FIRST! Do NOT wait! JUST DO IT, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!


As his... *gulp* friend...





Okay, well, anyway, think about it!!

Nina out!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moved On, But Haven't Let Go


It's been a long time since I make a blog post. High school is the only thing to be blamed right here -__-

Like, seriously, dudes!

I mean, well, yeah, I'm the one who chose to go to a school soooo far away from my house. But that was because there's no, ummm what's the word, well-qualified high school around my house. So, yeah...

And there are sooooo many homeworks.

And I have to take extra lessons after school because SOME teachers are not so dependable in teaching SOME subjects -___-

And I kinda have to take Germany lesson...

Oh yeah, I told you that I wanted to go to Australia after I graduate from high school right? Well, I kinda made it my secondary option for college.

It's kinda expensive there, and scholarships are not given much to bachelor degree. So, my parents told me to consider going to Germany. Because it's free there! (Though engineering department kinda have some inexpensive fees) And I can work part time to pay for my daily needs.

That is why I have to take Germany lesson.

And if I can't make it to Germany, I will try to find a scholarship to Australia.

If Australia is not available too... I will try Singapore.

If Singapore is also not available...



Okay, end of story about college planning.

Hmm, what to write, what to write...




Man, this is gonna be mushy I warn y'all.

So, there's this guy I met like 5 years ago? When I was 11, I guess. When I was still in 7th grade.

Honestly, I've been in love since then. Like, first love kinda thing. He doesn't know that though. I never told him.

But we dated... I guess (?-_-)

But, I never really told him that he was my first freaking love! God, heavens, hell, grrrrr!

I'm still talking to him though. You know, listen to him and everything. Hearing all his thoughts. Like, when he met this girl. And when this girl broke up with him. And when he met this another girl. And when this another girl broke up with him again. And so on.

(Surprisingly, lots of boys actually tell me their stories. Not all boys are heartless, you know)

Yes, I helped him through it all.

And, freaking yes...

I've been...


Though it kinda is better than being ex-zoned -___-

And yes, I don't mind hearing how he feels that this girl is the one (besides, I could work on my faking smile skills). I don't mind at all.

Okay, just the tiniest bit -_-

But, still, he's my first love. I would do anything to make him happy, even if that means I have to sacrifice all of my heart being torn into pieces.


See, this is turning WAY too mushy -__-

Back to the fact that I miss him.

I feel like, I couldn't quite feel like that again towards another boy. I mean, every time I meet a boy, all I do is try to find him in every boy I meet, compare the boy to him.

I never feel whole.

I kept believing that somehow, some day, somewhere, we would be... what's the word? United.

That is if by any chance fate went on my side -__-

I miss him so much that I tried to busied myself with everything so I can keep my mind off him. But I just couldn't. Like everywhere I look, there's always something that reminds me of him.

Every night when I'm going to sleep, in the morning when I just woke up, when I stare at a blank space, in class when my mind drifts off, every time I think of something I will always led back to him.

And I just can't seem to justify this and make it go away. Yes I've dated another guy after him, but I never took my mind off him (that is the main reason why I broke up with this other guy, sorry! T.T). And it just made me look like the bad guy (even though I AM the bad guy). And I never told this other guy that the real reason of why I broke up with him is this, so if this other guy see this post, I'm like sooo totally sorry I never told you this.

I have "moved on" but I still cannot let him go.

Even when I convince myself that as long as one of us is happy (mainly him) then I could be okay. But I couldn't. I just couldn't.

And I've been his rebound for countless times and I cannot hate him for that. Instead it made me feel needed and I need that feeling.

I can never hate him, and I will always forgive him. It's another first love thing. Like a scar that can never be removed by any kind of plastic surgeries -_-

I know I've said "Just move on and don't look back" countless times to my friends to comfort them when they just broke up. I didn't know that it was that hard. Very, very hard.


Told ya this will get mushy -.-

Sorry for this post though, I just gotta let my mind blow for a while. And I figured this could also improve my writing (?).

Well, anyway, see ya!

I'm not promising that the next post won't get any more mushy than this though


Nina out!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Friday, February 17, 2012

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

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